Tanzanian Elections 2010 @ SOAS by the Royal African Society

The Royal African Society hosted an event commentating on the recent Tanzanian election, where as expected, ruling Chama Cha Mapinduzi(Revolutionary State Party) won, but with a significantly diminished majority.  It highlighted the ways in which results may have been biased, despite the international community hailing the elections as ‘fair’.  These include lack of anonymity of ballot papers, availability of funds, undeclared private donations, biased broadcasting, prevention of groups voting due to unreasonable requirements for voting registration, biased use of facilities and control of rallies.

The potential of religion influencing the votes, the Zanzibar elections and the risk of radicalisation of politics were also discussed.

Event Speakers:

Richard Dowden (Director, The Royal African Society)

Dr Matteo Rizzo (Cambridge University)

Andrew Mushi (Tanzanian activist)

 On the ground commentary can be found here.